This past year has been a whirlwind in my career culminating in the largest speaking opportunity I could have ever dreamed of for my industry. With that, I have had a lot of opportunities to reflect on what I’m doing, what I’m passionate about, where I’m frustrated, and where I want to go.

It’s led me to establish a few key “truths” in my life that I want to follow. I consider “truths” to be the foundation that I build myself on. If these truths aren’t held true, the foundation breaks.

I’m going to introduce you to those here and they will ring true in everything else I post on this website.

1. I Want to Serve

I recently heard a wonderful quote – “Everyday ask who can you serve and who can you learn from. Spoiler alert, the answer is everyone.” Okay, maybe I didn’t quote them perfectly, but you get the gist.I felt a physical reaction to the gut when I heard that. It’s hard to wake up every day with that mentality, and honestly I failed at it a lot this past year. I’m challenging myself to refocus on serving. With serving comes taking the time to work with others, staying humble, and not put yourself in a “me vs them” mentality. ┬áServing makes you a leader.

I feel I have a unique opportunity to serve those in my industry through training, blogging, and speaking. This past year I started writing my first blog posts. They were probably not great, but I started and kept going. I hope I can continue to learn how to be a leader and serve through my career and blogging.

2. I Want to Learn

The second half of the quote above. Learning has always been core to my life. I was always a great test taker and thrived in an academic environment. But learning in the real world is different. It’s easy to stay at a job and learn what you need to learn and be content.I don’t want to be content. I want to challenge myself to learn new skills, improve, and be better. But I do recognize how hard it can be to focus on learning when I’m busy with a full week of work and a social life (that I’m not willing to give up completely). To hold myself accountable, I need to make goals to learn and part of that was this website.

3. I Want to Inspire

I truly believe I’m in a unique industry. People are willing to share their experience and secrets more than is to be expected. With that, I’ve been able to learn from industry leaders without ever meeting them.I am forever grateful for their willingness to share and inspire. Therefore I want to do the same. I can only dream that one day someone can think back on their career and I’m a part that mattered.

Three simple but complex truths. These are key to what drives me everyday and I hope that you have a bit more of a glimpse into my passion within marketing.

I hope you stick around for the future.



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